Wild West Train

Wild West Train

This model train set, composed of a red #95 4-4-0 Civil War-era steam train's tender engine, several passenger cars and boxcars, and a caboose, makes an appearance during one of Andy's playtime fantasies at the very beginning of Toy Story 3.

Toy Story 3Edit

The train was seen traveling through a canyon in a desert carrying some money and "orphans" (trolls) when all of a sudden One-Eyed Bart (Mr. Potato Head), his wife One-Eyed Betty (Mrs. Potato Head), and their kids (the Aliens) raid the train while driving Barbie's pink convertible, only to be confronted by Woody and Jessie on Bullseye. While the heroes and villains fight each other with the former using their dinosaur (Rex) against the latter's force-field attack dog (Slinky Dog), The Evil Dr. Porkchop (Hamm) uses his spaceship's laser to destroy the bridge the train was on, only for it to be saved by Buzz Lightyear when Bart hijacks the ship and drops a "Death by Monkeys" on the heroes...



  • The train's number, 95 could be a reference to the year 1995, when Toy Story was first released. It could also refer to Lightning McQueen's number.
  • The engine on the train is No. 95 and is a 4-4-0 engine or an American type steam locomotive. Locomotives of this wheel arrangement were used most common on American railroads during the 1800s and 1830s until 1928 and were given the name "American" in 1872 because of the work they did on every railroad and have eight wheels (four leading wheels, four drive wheels, and no trailing wheels).