Uranus is the seventh planet in the Solar System. It is blue and possesses a single ring.


Marvel Generation 2 comicsEdit

One of the citizens on Milleville accused his attackers of trying to brainwash the city with rays of Uranus.

Beast Wars cartoonEdit

A temporal probe sent to search for the Axalon entered the transwarp rift that the Axalon previously entered, and passed by Uranus on the way to Earth.

Beast Wars II cartoonEdit

Nemesis almost pulled in Ikard's dropship as it passed near Uranus.

Sailor MoonEdit

Uranus (天王星; Star of the Heavens' King) is the seventh planet from the Sun in this Solar System. It has 27 moons, all named for literary characters from Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. It is grouped with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune as a planet of the outer Solar System.

In the Sailor Moon series, Uranus was protected by Sailor Uranus, even though in the present she resided on Earth with the other Sailor Senshi. During the time of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Uranus remained there alone.

In the manga, Miranda Castle orbited Uranus, and was the palace of Princess Uranus.

Space Battleship YamatoEdit

A Uranus-based observation station provided information to Earth about the arrival of extraterrestrial aliens, the Garmillas, on April 1, 2191 ("A World I Once Saw"). Nearly eight years later, the new United Nations Cosmo Navy battleship Yamato set a point in the orbital path of Uranus as the destination for the ship's first warp flight ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere").

Transformers: UniverseEdit

Mythology Edit

Uranus, also known as Caelus in the Roman pantheon, was a primordial sky god with varying origin stories in Greek mythology. Most of the other gods in the Greek pantheon were considered the descendants of Uranus and Gaia, the goddess of elemental earth. Uranus loathed the children she bore, though, and she finally helped her son Cronus, also known as Saturn in the Roman pantheon, to overthrow him as leader of the gods.

Astrology Edit

Uranus is associated with disrupting established traditions, individuality, intuition, reform, and electricity. It is often associated with the planet Saturn.


  • Like in real-life, the planet tilts on its side.
  • Uranus appears to have any rings and moons orbiting the planet.
  • In real life, Uranus has very few visible bands of clouds.
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