The Rabbits' Small Cottage
The Rabbits' Small Cottage
Background Information
Feature films Robin Hood
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Nottingham
Owner(s) Mother Rabbit
Inhabitants Mother Rabbit, Skippy, Sis, Tagalong, Other Rabbit Siblings
Visitors Robin Hood, Sheriff of Nottingham
Final state Still standing

The Rabbits' Home is a small cottage under the roots of a big tree in Nottingham where Mother Rabbit and all of her many children live. It is first shown when the family holds a birthday party for the eldest son, Skippy, only to be interrupted by the Sheriff of Nottingham, who takes away Skippy's present when it turns out to be a farthing. Robin Hood himself visits to give Skippy his bow, arrow, and hat, and to give money to the widow to feed her family and herself. This is the only time the cottage is seen.

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