Sykes' Limo

Sykes' Cadillac

Sykes' Cadillac is a black limousine owned by Sykes. It has a horn which Sykes uses to call his dogsRoscoe and DeSoto, a license plate written "DOBERMAN" at the back, and a model of his Dobermans on the front.

In the filmEdit

Oliver & CompanyEdit

Sykes used his car to drive him and his dogs to Fagin's home so as to collect the money Fagin owes him. After Sykes and Fagin's unfortunate financial meeting, Sykes used his car horn to call his dogs to return to him; much to Fagin's shock, which caused him to fall off the pier and into the water and do the Goofy Holler. Later on, Sykes, with his dogs, unnnoticeably watched Fagin, in his car, handle the ransom he set up with Jenny so as to get his money as soon as Fagin got a hold of it. Unfortunately, when he saw that Fagin had a change of heart and gave up the ransom, he started up his car, made his move, and kidnapped Jenny while tossing Oliver out.

A few moments later, when Fagin and the gang rescued Jenny and drove off in his scooter, Sykes and his dogs drove in his limo to catch up with them. Fagin tried everything he can to escape Sykes by driving in a subway train station and a tunnel, but, driving like a mad man, Sykes was still able to pursue them. While pursuing full speed ahead, Sykes' limo car tires were ruined and started to create an electric shock between them and the railway. Sykes was able to collide his limo with Fagin's scooter, thus, causing Jenny to fall and land on his hood. Sykes tried to grab Jenny but Oliver was able to rescue her. After Oliver was thrown in the backseat with Roscoe and DeSoto, Dodger was able to rescue him. Both evil dogs were killed by Oliver and Dodger in the electric shock. Later, as the limo was still catching up with them, Sykes climbed out of his car to seize Jenny again, not before Oliver and Dodger came to the rescue again. As a train was approaching their way, Tito was able to drive everyone up to safety on 1 of the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge while Oliver and Dodger continued fighting off Sykes. As Sykes threw Dodger and Oliver off, he finally noticed the train and he and his car were both completely killed and destroyed, thus, sending both of them into the Hudson River

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