Space Armada

The Space Armada

The Space Armada, also known as the Andross Space Armada is a stage of Star Fox and its DS remake Star Fox DS on the Level 1 path, lying between the Asteroid Belt and the Battle Base Meteor.

It is a deep space level where the Star Fox Team are faced against an entire army of Venomian Army ships. Area 6 in Star Fox 64 takes some of its elements from this stage, notably the amount of ships in the area, though Fox doesn't enter the base of any of the ships.

The Space Armada stage is known for its memorable music. This particular stage's music, originally composed by Hajime Hirasawa, was later rearranged by him for Super Smash Bros. Brawl—his only known involvement in Star Fox series music since composing for the first game.


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Nintendo WorldEdit

The Space Armada makes its 3D appearance in Nintendo World. It is a third stage in blue path in Star Fox Zero like the original Star Fox.

Stage 3. Space Armada - Fleet of Spaceships; Through the MiddleEdit

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