Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice01:07

Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice

Sora's Sacrifice (HIKARI Instrumental Ver.) - Kingdom Hearts HD 115:27

Sora's Sacrifice (HIKARI Instrumental Ver.) - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX - Soundtrack EXTENDED

HD version

Sora's Sacrifice is one of the soundtracks in Kingdom Hearts. It's also in the English and Japanese versions of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

In the Hollow Bastion, the Final Keyhole begins reacting to the presence of Kairi's heart. Sora attempts to lock the Keyhole, but without Kairi's heart, it is not complete and cannot be sealed. Sora puts two and two together and realizes what he has to do; despite Donald and Goofy's desperate pleas, Sora stabs himself with the Keyblade of People's Hearts left in Riku's wake, releasing all of the princesses' hearts (including Kairi's) and completing the Keyhole, but Sora falls into darkness himself.


During the Virtual World arc, Chris realizes what he has to do; doing everyone the same as Tristan, who accidentally shattered by Danny. Despite Yugi and Yami's desperate pleas and Noah's warning that Chris' friends died if he break the statues, Chris shatters the petrified group with his "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" in use of Shining Nova effect, releasing all of Yugi's friends' Hearts and allowing Chuck to activate his new People Recreation Program to revive everyone with shield and are remained unpetrified, but Chris' soul gets sucked into the Millennium Puzzle.

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