The Scavenger

Faction Pirate Clans
Name Scavenger
Class Destroyer
Status Destroyed (Rebuilt)
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Complement Capt. Ryack, Hallas

The Scavenger (†) was a ship in the Pirate Fleet of the Destroyer class under the command of Captain Ryack.


The Scavenger was in charge of transporting captured Neo Mega Lysander, or a Neo Mega thought to have been Lysander, to Exofleet intelligence for further study regarding Auto-mutation Syndrome.

During the voyage, the Neo Mega escaped and killed most of the crew. As the crew abandoned ship, ExoTrooper DeLeon rigged a Fusion Pack to explode to stop the Neo Mega who had mutated and commandeered an E-frame. The ship was destroyed in the explosion. It was later rebuilt after the Neosapien War for the Second Drej War.


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