Ryoko Takamachi

Ryoko Takamachi

Ryoko Takamachi is a character in Spiral The Bonds of Reasoning. She is a Blade Child that would not kill no more.


Ryoko has short brown hair with brown eyes. She is mainly seen in her uniform, which is red, black, and white. She is seen in other clothes like, pants or long skirts. 


Ryoko is a tomboy, she pushes Kousuke around for things that she wants. This is usually for bread or milk. She fights with Kousuke when she sees him being all sweet, and nice to Rio. She likes to run on the track and sometimes tease Rio. 

Spiral The Bonds of ReasoningEdit

Her second appearance is when Kousuke started going to school with Ayumu and Hiyono. She appeared kicking Kousuke. She tells him to go get her some bread, which is he does and leaves. This is when she tells Ayumu and Hiyono that she is a Blade Child. She also tells them not to worry about Kousuke, and that she'll keep a tight leash around him. She walks off afterwards, and isn't seen till later on talking to Kousuke. 

While talking to Kousuke she began another fight with him about him being taller. She gets mad and eats more of her bread. Ryoko once had a little fight with Eyes Rutherford. She believed that he couldn't hit her with a ball, though he did and this is what upset it her. She at first didn't want to help him out, because she though that it involved killing, but it didn't. This was actually the very first time she appeared. 

Ryoko, Rio, and Kousuke had a battle with Kanone Hilbert, who became a hunter. The three win along with the help of Ayumu, Hiyono, and Madoka. They all go to the hospital afterwards to heal. 

In the anime verison, Ryoko helps Ayumu and Kousuke help rescue Hiyono and Rio when they are kidnapped by Hunters. Also, in the anime version it is quite different from the manga, as it doesn't show Ryoko or the others get older, but in the manga it does and she graduates school with Kousuke. 

Important InformationEdit

  • Ryoko has the same voice as Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl, Sana from Kodocha, and Tohru from Fruits Basket, she is voiced by Laura Bailey
  • Kousuke once saved her from a bear
  • She is much stronger then what she looks
  • Ryoko loves running track 
  • Girls often ask Ryoko out, yet, she doesn't want to go out with them because she isn't that way
  • Her name is sometimes spelled, "Ryouko" 

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