Resolute II
Resolute II
Resolute II, The Flagship of the Exofleet-Pirate Clans Alliance

Name Resolute II
Class Light Exocarrier
Status Active
Weapons and Defense
Laser Cannons
Ships and Crew


The Resolute II, under the command of Jonas Simbacca, was commissioned in 2121 A.D. during the Second Neosapien War. It immediately succeeded the Dominion as the flagship of the Joint Exofleet-Pirate Clans Forces. The Resolute II's existence came not short of controversy as it was built in secret by Pirate Clans on Chaos that were not loyal to the ExoFleet-Pirate Clan Alliance. It was discovered and captured by Able Squad, keeping the Resolute II out of the hands of likely enemies.

The Resolute II shared a similar appearance to the original Resolute as well as being a longer ship with stronger armor and stronger weapons. In addition, due to her pirate origins, the Resolute II was equipped with a Dark Matter powered Cloaking Device making it the most powerful ship in the Solar System. The Resolute II served in the remaining engagements in the Neosapien War including the Second Battle of MercuryThird Battle of VenusBattle of The Moon, and Fourth Battle of Earth.

The Resolute II received notoriety in 2120 A.D. when during the Third Battle of Venus, a saboteur disabled the Resolute II's engine and cloaking shield by planting a bomb in the engine room. In the Neosapien counter attack, the Resolute II was in tow and completely vulnerable. With the help of an E-frames counter attack led by Kaz Takagi, and Able Squad boarding the Olympus Mons IIProfessor Algernon was able to get the Resolute II back online. There, the Resolute II went head-to-head with the Olympus Mons II, destroying it and ultimately thwarting the counter attack. The Resolute II remained in service beyond the Neosapien War and the Second Drej War.

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