Ratigan's Blimp

Ratigan's Blimp

Ratigan's Blimp was a Blimp used by The Great Mouse Detective's main villain, Ratigan and Fidget, who cycled the Blimp and kidnapped Olivia.

In The FilmEdit

Ratigan's Blimp appears when Goodby so SoonRatigan and Fidget in Blimp fly to Buckingham Palace, and later when Ratigan and Fidget kidnap Olivia Flaversham [1] on deck and are pursued by Basil, Dawson and Mr. Flaversham in the Balloon. When Ratigan throws Fidget in the water, Ratigan pilots the blimp himself. Basil jumps to the Blimp and rescues Olivia. Ratigan screams and crashes into Big Ben. After a fight the Ratigan, Basil falls on wreakage from the Blimp.

Commanders: RatiganFidget

Status: Crashed

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