Pumpkin Coach
Pumpkin Coach
General information
Feature films Cinderella
Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games Cinderella: Magical Dreams
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
(Power Discs)
Park attractions Cinderella's Golden Carousel
Magic, Music and Mayhem'
Background information
Other names
Success Takes Cinderella to the ball (Cinderella)
Powers and abilities
Final Fate Turns back into pumpkin, which is then destroyed by palace horses

The Pumpkin Coach is a beautiful coach made by Fairy Godmother for Cinderella so she can attend the ball. At the stroke of midnight, it was turned back into a pumpkin.



The pumpkin coach at first was a pumpkin until the Fairy Godmother uses her magic to change it into a pumpkin coach as ride for Cinderella to go to the ball. After midnight strikes it turns back into a pumpkin and got destroyed by the king's guards.

Cinderella III: A Twist in TimeEdit

In the movie, Lady Tremaine creates a pumpkin carriage, just like the Fairy Godmother did. In contrast to the carriage from the first movie (which is light and made with good magic), however, the pumpkin carriage in this movie is dark and twisted. Lucifer (who Lady Tremaine had turned into a human) was made the driver. It is eventually destroyed when it rolls off the top of the cliff that Lady Tremaine had intended to use to send Cinderella plummeting to her death.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepEdit

The Pumpkin Coach is created by the Fairy Godmother to take Cinderella to the ball in the game. However, due to Lady Tremaine and her two daughters being murderously jealous, the coach is twisted into an Unversed known as the Cursed Coach and attacks Cinderella and the Grand Duke. This occurs after it is discovered that Cinderella's foot fit the glass slipper, so the Grand Duke, being close at hand to see it, escapes the Cursed Coach and manages to warn Aqua of its presence. Aqua rushes to Cinderella's rescue, and Lady Tremaine and her two daughters were hit by one of the bombs released by the Unversed that were raining down from the sky, leaving their fates unknown. Aqua then staves off the Cursed Coach, allowing Cinderella to escape.

Sofia the First: Once Upon a PrincessEdit

The Pumpkin Coach appears right at the very end of the movie departing from Enchancia's castle.


In Disney Infinity the player can use Pumpkin Coach as a vechel. The only way to get the Pumpkin Coach is to get it as a Power Disc. In the 3DS version; the player can use the Pumpkin Coach in Speed Adventure Races.