Primus is the main setting of The New Adventures of He-Man (cartoon). It is a planet in the Tri-solar system and home to the Galactic Guardians, who protect the Tri-Solar system from Flogg and his Evil Mutants.

Future History of PrimusEdit

Since the events in The New Adventures of He-Man take place in the future on Primus (from the perspective of someone on the planet Eternia at the time He-Man and the Masters of the Universe takes place), it can be assumed Primus was discovered and colonized by people from Eternia.  See Timeline of Eternia.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Guardian Sea
    • Titus: A small island in the Guardian Sea. The Trifusium Crystal that maintains Primus' atmosphere is placed in Titus' observatory.
  • Levitan: A cloud city. Flipshot's home city.
  • Mida: Eastern continent of Primus, where Nocturna comes from.
  • Opal: Western continent of Primus.
    • Olympic: An ancient city in the southern region of Opal, where Vizar comes from.
  • Serus: An underwater city. Hydron's home city.
  • Terra
    • Onnor: Kayo's home, an underground city in the Terra region.


  • Primus is the basis for Pandora in the movie "Avatar".
  • Primus is also the name of a deity in the Transformers franchise, who transformed into the home world of his creations, a race of sentient machines called Transformers, who called it Cybertron or Seibertron. The Transformers' Primus was the arch-enemy of the chaos bringer Unicron.

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