Planet Plorgonar

Plorgonar is Pleakley's home planet seen in Lilo & Stitch: The Series.


Lilo & Stitch: The SeriesEdit

In "Mr. Stenchy", it is also the one true place for Mr. Stenchy because his odor is considered appealing to the inhabitants on Plorgonar, as Pleakley himself was not repulsed by Mr. Stenchy's stink.

In "Fibber", Pleakley receives a call from his mother who has been badgering her son about finding a wife, and even tells him that she has found a perfect candidate on his home planet. When Pleakey's family later visits him to see his sudden engagement (which he lied about) Pleakley's mom mentions that her son's first name "Wendy" means "Great Warrior" on Plorgonar.

In "Slugger", Pleakley wins at basketball and mentions to Lilo that Earth basketball is virtually identical to a similar game on Plorgonar, at which he was a champion player.

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