Pirate Fighter
Pirate Fighter

Faction Pirate Clans
Name Pirate Fighter
Class Pirate Fighter
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Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
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They were used during the Blockade of Io and the Pirate Clans War. In both conflicts they suffered heavy casualities when confronted with E-frames.


  • Primary Lift/Thrust: Rotating Navigational Wings


  • Wing
    • Camouflaged silos housing missiles
    • Forward Pulse Action Laser Gun
  • Nose
    • Laser Cannon

Accessory EquipmentEdit

  • Concealed "smuggler" compartment for Jumptroops deployment


Although not as fast as an e-frame, these are very quick and maneuverable, able to change speed and direction well. Durability seems questionable, as does weaponry.

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