The war between the Pirate Clans and Exofleet began and ended in 2119. It was declared when the pirates destroyed the Danube and a Work Crew Shuttle. The Homeworlds Congress found the political unity it needed and sent the majority of Exofleet to destroy the clans.

Although the pirates lost the first 3 battles, they did inflict heavy damage on Exofleet by preying on the overconfidence of the officers and then ambushing the capital ships.

Before the fourth battle had begun, the war ended when Exofleet was informed of Phaeton's surprise attack against the Homeworlds. Exofleet withdrew to defeat the Neosapien Commonwealth and win the Neosapien War.

Alternate NamesEdit

  • Battle of the Asteroid Belt -- Asteroid Belt Ambush
  • Battle of the Rings of Saturn --
  • Battle of Enceladus -- Assault on Enceladus
  • Battle of Tethys --

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