"Papetoon, eh? Yeah, that's pretty much the edge of everything right there."
Falco Lombardi

Planet Papetoon in Star Fox 64 3D

Papetoon (パペトゥーン, Papetūn) is a planet at a distant corner of the Lylat System.


According to the Japanese manual and introduction for Star Fox 64, it was the home of Fox McCloud, and where Peppy Hare flew after Pigma Dengar's betrayal to tell him what happened to his father, James. It was not mentioned again until one of the endings for Star Fox Command. It may have been ignored by enemy forces either because it was too isolated, or it may be too small to bother invading. Star Fox Command's "The Curse of Pigma" ending, Fox invites Falco for a quiet drink on Papetoon, where he claims that its "on the very edge of everything". The ending also gives a possibility of Papetoon's position on the Lylat map, judging by the Great Fox's flight path, the planet is located somewhere in the direction of VenomTitania and Sector X.

In the gamesEdit

Star Fox CommandEdit

Nintendo WorldEdit

Papetoon appeared in Nintendo World. It is sixth stage in Easy Route in Star Fox 64 3D. Falco claims that its "on the very edge of everything". Oikonny's army have launched a large-scale attack on Papetoon despite being too isolated or too small to bother invading. This marks the first and only time that Papetoon was invaded by enemy forces. Eventually, Team Star Fox saved the planet. After destroying all transfer devices, Panther Caroso from Star Wolf appears.

Mission No 6. Papetoon; McCloud's Homeworld: War Comes HomeEdit

In the ComicEdit

It first appeared in early supplemental Star Fox materials such as the Star Fox comic and the Star Fox Mission File Printout, where it is depicted as a mostly dry and rocky frontier world. In this version, it was the "den" of a small group of bandits led by Fox that only stole from the Imperial Guard in the name of the oppressed. General Pepper approached the team since he recognized their invaluable skills and asked them to fly his experimental Arwings against Andross. Fox agreed due to the past with his father, and his rogues would become the esteemed Star Fox team.  


  • Papetoon is similar to Luke Skywalker's homeworld of Tatooine. Both are desert worlds and are the homeworlds of the main characters.
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