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Feature films Robin Hood
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Location England
Ruler(s) King Richard
Inhabitants Robin Hood, Little John, Sheriff of Nottingham
Visitors Prince John, Sir Hiss, King Richard, Maid Marian
Final state

Nottingham is a town located in the middle of England. It serves as one of the main settings in the 1973 film Robin Hood. It is bordered on at least one side by Sherwood Forest.

Places of InterestEdit

  • Prince John's castle: This castle serves as the local residence for Prince JohnMaid Marian and Lady Kluck are also shown to reside here. The castle is said to have belonged to Prince John's mother. It has several rooms including a treasury, various bedrooms, and a throne room. The palace also has a large prison on site. It is surrounded by a large wall and moat, with a gate granting entrance.
  • Church: a small church run by Friar Tuck. It is shown to be empty at one point, due to the townspeople being imprisoned. Later, it serves as the site of wedding between Robin Hood and Maid Marian.
  • Blacksmith shop: a small shop run by Otto, Nottingham's resident blacksmith
  • Widow Rabbit's home: a home located in a tree that serves as the home for Mother Rabbit and her many children. Robin Hood appears here with money for the family, and three birthday presents for the oldest son, Skippy.
  • Tournament grounds: the located of Prince John's archery tournament. It appears to be a flat plain bordered by the forest. Multiple tents and booths are located, as well as a single tower.
  • Sherwood Forest: the large forest that Nottingham is located in. It serves as the hideout of Robin Hood and his followers. In order to get to Nottingham, one must travel through the forest.

In the filmEdit

In the film, Nottingham is revealed to be the next destination of Prince John, who has usurped the throne in his brother's absence. Though Nottingham is described as a rich village by Prince John, the prince's enormous taxes force the townspeople into poverty. It later serves as the location of Prince John's archery tournament, which Robin Hood attends in disguise. Near the end of the film, the town is mostly empty, due to the townspeople being locked up for tax delinquency. However, King Richard returns to the town, and is able to set everything right, making Nottingham the prosperous town it once was.