New Earth

New Earth (Planet Bob)

New Earth (AKA "Planet Bob") is a human colony planet. The planet is located in the Andali System in the Milky Way.

Overview Edit

New Earth was the end result of the Titan Project, a terraformation programmer the development of which was led by Sam Tucker. It was created in 16 AE (2122 AD).

After the final confrontation between the Exofleet, the Pirate Clans and the Drej in 15 AE, New Earth was formed out of the Titan draining the energy from the Drej Mothership and harnessing J.T.'s Solar Flare, and collecting the materials from the Ice Rings of Tigrin. A new second home was thus borne for the human race, while the Spiral Arm's common enemy was vanquished.

The Titan's terraforming process of New Earth was begun by Cale TuckerAkima Kunimoto and Joseph Korso, the latter of whom sacrificed himself for the Titan's malfunctioning circuit breakers to work. Over a period of seven days, the Titan's terraforming drive transformed the Ice Rings of Tigrin into the New Earth.

Upon setting foot on New Earth, J.T. names the planet "New Earth", Cale Tucker jokingly gives the planet the moniker "Bob". Over time, the young planet's population grew with the emergence of the scattered human drifters of Gaea from all around the Spiral Arm.


For more information, see: Titan Project

After the destruction of Gaea by the Drej in 2106 AD, the human race was scattered across the Spiral Arm. Since no uninhabited planets fit for sustaining human life had yet been found, many had taken residence in makeshift drifter colonies made up of conjoined spacecraft, but these only provided the humans with minimal accommodation and amenities.

Most of the human race had been treated with unwelcome contempt by other alien races out of fear they'd bring the Drej to them. Some humans were traded and used by various races as slaves, while few others would find accommodation on other planets at a high cost. Many others would drift between systems in their own spacecraft. With the threat of human extinction looming, the human race needed a new home planet.

Professor Sam Tucker had proposed in 2100 on the Kronos Research Station of a device that could build a planet for humans from scratch, for themselves. This would become the Titan Project. He devised this idea as a way of humanity relocating to a new home planet without the need for taking it from its natives. Funnily enough, the Kronos Station was located in the Andali System, which would later be the location of where Professor Tucker hid the Titan from the Drej.


Beast Wars: UprisingEdit

In 2017, New Earth was attacked, leading the Earth Defense Command to declare all of human space off-limits to Cybertronians.

Transformers: UniverseEdit

New Earth is the new Earth-like planet in the Andali System in Transformers: Universe. It is home to Cemetery Wind and the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF).