640px-Neo gards for brood center

Neo troops taking shots at Able Squad

The genetically advanced Neo warriors were unable to be developed until the final stages of the war, and even then not in large numbers. So the existance of a Neosapien infantry was important. Perhaps because a Neosapien is stronger than the typical human, it may be that they are capable of wearing heavier armor, and carrying heavier weapons.

Although that is never stated explicitly, it seems obvious from times that a company of Neo troops can hold a couple e-frames to a standstill, while Exofleet issued hand blasters do little damage to Neo frames.

But a Neo infantryman seems to only have body armor and a blaster, not the complete technological outfit with jet packs and thrusters and an array of weaponry, including grenades and missiles, that the Exofleet Jumptroops use.

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