Nearby Galaxies

A group of nearby galaxies

There are many galaxies that can be seen in the background view of the main menu of Spore, and also in the background of the Space Stage and in the night (and sometimes daytime) sky of most planets in the Creature Stage and in Spore Galactic Adventures. They cannot be visited, and are only there for decoration. However, in the Spore main menu, spaceships can be sometimes be seen leaving the Spore Galaxy to elsewhere, or arriving in the Spore Galaxy from elsewhere. This may be either eye candy, or a hint towards a possibly to leave the Spore Galaxy in a future patch or expansion pack.

The nearby galaxies appear to all be five-armed spiral galaxies like the Spore Galaxy, but sometimes with slight differences such as having blurrier arms or being a slightly different colour. In addition, some of the galaxies appear to be in in collision with others. Whilst loading, the galaxies all appear to be irregular galaxies, but soon change into their regular spiral form.

However, there are other galaxies further into the background that look like large stars (not to be confused with other stars in the Spore main menu that are separate from the Spore Galaxy but are still not part of the background); these could possibly be other types of galaxies and appear to be lenticular galaxies. They also appear in many more colours than the nearby spiral galaxies.

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