Napoleon Cross

Napoleon Cross

Napoleon Cross is the main antagonist in the 2006 computer animated comedy film, Everyone's Hero. He is voiced by Robin Williams. He is Lefty's boss.


He is the head of the Chicago Cubs baseball team who desires to see the Cubs defeat the Yankees during the 1932 World Series. He sends Lefty Maginnis, to steal Babe Ruth's famous bat Darlin'. Though he did managed to steal the bat, it was stealing back from Yankee Irving, to return it to Ruth. At the end of the film, Cross tries to talk Babe Ruth out of accepting the victory, saying that Yankee is too young to be a counting player. This leads to the arrest of Cross, who simply says that he was a fan that cheated.

Trivia Edit

  • Robin Williams insisted to be uncredited for this role out of respect for the director and his good friend Christopher Reeve who died while completing this film. Williams and Reeve were college roommates.

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