Mireille Bouquet
Mireille Bouquet

English Name Mireille Bouquet
Romanized Name Mireiyu Būke
Japanese Name  ミレイユ・ブーケ
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Gender Female



Odette Bouquet

Voice Actors
Japanese Kotono Mitsuishi
English Shelley Calene-Black

Mireille Bouquet was one of the two protagonists of Noir. She was a most trustworthy assassin for hire, considered to be near the top of her field. Though she projected a confident demeanor, she was secretly driven by a tragedy in her past. Her preferred weapon was a Walther P99.


Mireille has long, wavy, blonde hair with bangs on the left side of her face. She has large blue eyes, thin eyebrows, and a diamond-shaped face. She usually wears light pink lipstick/gloss. Her typical outfit consists of a sleeveless burgundy turtleneck, leather platform heel boots, a black mini skirt with a side slit, and a black single buckle belt.



Mireille Bouquet was the daughter of Laurent and Odette Bouquet, the heads of a powerful Corsican family. The Bouquets' power and wealth derived from Laurent's association with Les Soldats, a powerful organization which had been ruling Europe in secret for a thousand years.

Les Soldats chose Mireille to be one of their candidates for Noir - a duo of elite assassins which, in previous centuries, had represented the ultimate power of the Soldats. Knowing what this would entail, Laurent refused to hand over his daughter; both he and Odette were murdered, and Mireille found the bodies.

Mireille was taken from Corsica by Claude Feyder, an uncle, ostensibly to protect her from the Soldats - although Claude was himself a Soldat and her exile was in fact part of their plan for her. Claude trained Mireille in his own craft, which was murder for hire, and by the age of 20, Mireille had struck out independently to make a name for herself.

Though Mireille preferred to work alone, she was intrigued by an email she received which contained a tantalizing clue regarding the murder of her family. She met with Kirika Yuumura and formed a partnership with her to track down the truth about her family.

Mireille insisted on several occasions that, as soon as the truth about their lives was discovered, she would have to kill Kirika, as the girl knew Mireille's identity. However, even when she learned the truth - that Kirika herself had murdered the Bouquets on orders from the Soldats - she found herself unable to kill the girl, who had become the closest thing Mireille had known to family in a very long time.

Having left the Soldats and their destiny as Noir behind them, Mireille and Kirika returned to Paris to live as they saw fit. They continued to operate as assassins.

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