Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy is the galaxy in which Earth's Solar System exists in. Most series take place in this galaxy and is the current galaxy Ben's Team, Lyoko Warriors, Yugi's Team, the Sailor Senshi and Able Squad live in. The nearest Galaxy to the Milky Way is the Andromeda Galaxy.


As shown from various sources, the Milky Way is a spiral Galaxy with Earth located on the Orion-Cygnus Arm. The reason the Galaxy is named Milky Way is because of the observation shown from the Hubble space telescope as described to look like a Flowing Milky River. Though a large portion of it has been discovered, several areas still remain uncharted. It is separated into several quadrants and sectors, the Gamma Quadrant being the one most explored, housing Capital Planet and the headquarters of the Galactic Alliance. In contrast, the Evil Emperor Zurg's base of operations is situated in the Zeta Quadrant and is for the most part unexplored besides by his forces.

It is once mentioned in "The Torque Armada" that there are at least fifty sectors. The term "quadrant" suggests that the galaxy is split into four segments; however, since they don't seem to exclusively follow the Greek alphabet for categorization, there are probably more than four.

Life in the GalaxyEdit

As revealed by Azmuth, there are over 1 million (1,000,910 species to be exact) known sentient species living in this Galaxy including HumansOsmosians, the NeosapiensPyronites and many more.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

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Notable Planets/Moons/Systems/QuasarsEdit

Solar SystemEdit

Alpha Centauri SystemEdit

Encephalonus SystemEdit

  • Encephalonus (destroyed)
  • Encephalonus II (destroyed)
  • Encephalonus III (destroyed)
  • Encephalonus IV

Galvan Star SystemEdit

Peptos SystemEdit

  • Ten planets (destroyed)
  • Peptos XI (destroyed)
  • 63 other planets

Anur SystemEdit

Osmos SystemEdit

Lylat SystemEdit

Tau Ceti SystemEdit



Ajuris SystemEdit

Hadean SystemEdit

Unknown SystemsEdit

Quadrants and SectorsEdit


  • Beta Quadrant
  • Gamma Quadrant
  • Delta Quadrant
  • Zeta Quadrant
  • Omega Quadrant

Torque did a series of robberies on cargo freighters here. There is also a wormhole located here for people to travel to places such as Tradeworld quickly, though after the wormhole closes it takes time for the next one to come.

  • Outback Quadrant


  • Kavhopi Sector

Mentioned in "The Beasts of Karn". This was where Booster had been taken captive and hunted by a band of three hunters at an abandoned, unnamed space station.

Star SystemsEdit

  • Kataran Nebula
  • Pelegar System

Mentioned in "The Planet Destroyer". This is where Zurg kept his Planet Destroyer, with which he transported Tradeworld and Tangea to another dimension, causing everyone to think that they had been destroyed.

Planets and MoonsEdit

  • Balzat 4

Mentioned in "Good Ol' Buzz". Apparently, Buzz had recently bought a condo there, but it promised a future infestation of salt rats that "hide in the trees and bite hard".

In "Millennial Bugs", Zurg used this planet to hatch the Millennial Bugs in one of his schemes to take over Capital Planet.

Mentioned in "Millennial Bugs". A creature called the fuzzy trill, now extinct, used to be from this planet. It was a furry, tree-dwelling, leaf-eater.

Asteroid BeltsEdit

Space StationsEdit

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