The Meteor

Meteor, also known as the Battle Base Meteor is a planetoid in Star Fox for SNES. This artificial asteroid was originally designed as an amusement facility called "Meteor Land", but Andross seized the Meteor for his own use, fortifying it into a battle base for his war against Corneria.

In the gamesEdit

Star FoxEdit

In Star Fox, the Meteor is the fourth stage along the game's Easy Route, after the Andross Space Armada and before the Venom Orbital. In this stage, the Star Fox Team flies close to the ground and at low visibility, making it one of the more challenging stages for avoiding collisions with solid objects. At the end of the stage, Fox fights the Dancing Insector in his Arwing.

This giant planetoid is actually an artificial asteroid that was created to be a great amusement facility called "Meteor Land". The evil Emperor Andross, however, turned it into his advance base, leaving it a mere shadow of its former self. This well stocked military depot is hurtling towards Corneria behind the Space Armada of Andross.
—Star Fox 1993; Instruction Booklet

Star Fox 2Edit

In Star Fox 2, the Meteor is one of the possible planetary stages in the game where the Arwing Walker can be used.

Nintendo WorldEdit

The Meteor makes its 3D appearance in Nintendo World. Like in the original Star Fox, it is the fourth stage of blue path in Star Fox Zero.

Stage 4. Battle Base Meteor; Speed AttackEdit


  • For players more familiar with Star Fox 64, the Meteor may lend some confusion. The Meteor in the first two games is not the same as Meteo, which is analogous to the Asteroid Belt, a separate stage also in the first two games. The Meteor makes no known appearance in Star Fox 64 or subsequent games until Nintendo World.
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