Mercury Outpost
Mercury Outpost
Neosapien Base on Mercury
Affiliation Neosapien Commonwealth
Location Mercury
Status Destroyed


The Mercury Outpost, under the command of Garrison Commander Glycon, was a Neosapien military installation that had a garrison of Mercury Occupational Forces which was established on Mercury at the beginning of the Neosapien War in 2119 A.D. Though Mercury served little strategic importance and was not rich in resources, it was conquered by the Neosapien Commonwealth during "Operation Destiny" as an exclamation point on the Neosapien Order's complete dominance over the Homeworlds. The outpost was fully staffed with military personnel as well as non-military personnel, with those stationed there being rewarded for their exceptional service during "Operation Destiny" as the outpost was far from the front lines. These Neosapiens were not only loyal to the Neosapaien Order, but to Phaeton himself, even during the twilight of Phaeton's rule.

The Mecury Outpost received notoriety in 2120 A.D. during the Second Battle of Mercury when it was assaulted by the ExofleetPirate Clans Joint Forces as the first battle of the campaign to liberate the Homeworlds. Though the garrison assigned to the outpost had some of the Neosapien's best commanders and E-Frame pilots, they were overwhelmed by sheer numbers and Mercury was ultimately liberated. Those who survived the onslaught fled to Venus to continue fighting for the Neosapien Order.

Mercury Outpost PersonnelEdit

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