McLeach's Bushwacker
McLeach's Bushwacker
Feature films The Rescuers Down Under
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Affiliation(s) Mcleach's personal transportation
Maximum speed
Drivers Percival C. McLeach

McLeach's Bushwacker was a Monstrous Poacher Bushwacker owned by the main villain, McLeach. It was equipped with radar, a giant cage, a giant grill, and a PA system.

In the FilmEdit

McLeach's Bushwacker appeared in the Forest Road when Cody, despite the Baitmouse's warnings, inadvertently fell into the tiger trap when trying to free it, before eventually parking so McLeach could find it. Afterwards, its cage was used to contain Cody when McLeach kidnapped him (and also faked Cody's death by feeding his bag to crocodiles) and drove back to his hideout. He later used it to capture Marahute after he tricked Cody into revealing her location so he could capture her and her eggs. He then parked it near the rapids, although its power was cut after Bernard stole the ignition key, its fate after this is unknown, however, it now has been abandoned.

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