Lux are light particles which appear in Kingdom Hearts χ. They can be gained by defeating Heartless and are used to dermine the day's winning Union by comparing the total sum of all players in both teams and entitle the player for individual and team prices.

There are several factors that can influence the gain Lux amount. For once every Assist Cards can raise the drop rate by a small percentage, which depends on the level of the card. Several time a day "Lux Up Time" can occur which usually lasts of an hour and doubles the Lux earned in this time. The highest amounts of Lux can be gained in Raids and at the end of the week the five Unions are ranked according to the damage they dealt to the raid bosses. The Lux rate for the Unions on the first three places stays at 1.0 while it's increased for the fourth ranked Union to 1.3 and to 1.5 for the Union in the last place.

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