Lars the Polar Bear


Lars is the main protagonist of The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer and the German animated film of the same name, along with its sequels, The Mysterious Island, Lars and the Little Tiger, and The Dream of Flying. He is voiced by Maximilian Artajo in the original films and Wesley Singerman in the English dub of the first film.


Lars is spunky, cute, and loves making new friends. He is also selfless, honest, and as any kid would, he gets into trouble and is extremely curious. Lars lives with his parents, Nina and Mika, and has a menagerie of wonderful friends, from Robby the seal pup and Lena the Inuit girl to Nemo the seafaring cat and Yuri the hilarious puffin. He won't let any rule, bully, or monster stand in his way, and goes on exciting adventures throughout the series.

The Little Polar BearEdit

Lars is a young polar bear who loves to go exploring. One day, he makes friends with Robby, a seal pup.

Because polar bears are supposed to hunt seals, Lars' friendship causes tension among the other animals of the North Pole who grumble about their friendship. This leads them to have a run-in with the neighborhood grumps and a family feud.

The two friends are told never to see each again. But just as they're about to go their separate ways, Lars has a brilliant idea. Lars and Robby share fish with the other animals and it brings peace to their community.

The food supply is suddenly cut off and Lars ventures into the human settlement to solve the mystery and save his family. He learns that the fish are being taken by an evil robot, the Black Mouth.

Lars tries to warn the others, but almost all the animals are captured by the "monster". He finally takes down the Black Mouth by tricking it into running aground on rocks, freeing the animals. Lars is hailed as a hero and the North Pole is finally safe.