Laputa, the Castle in the Sky

Laputa is the setting of most of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. As the name of the film suggests, it is an immense castle floating in the sky. The graduation of technology by which this is possible is showcased in the opening credits. Its design may have been inspired by the Tower of Babel. The film's protagonist, Pazu, received a picture of the practically mythical place from his father, and dreams of visiting it. He eventually succeeds in his goal with the help of Yugi, Sonic and their friends, who also find the seventh and last Chaos Emerald, but thanks to the pursuit of Dola's sky pirates and imperial agent Colonel Muska and the mad genius Dr. Eggman and the subsequent events that take place there, much of the structure is destroyed.

Laputa seem to have been the heart of a very advanced civilization, able to create robots, deadly ray and perhaps to control weather. All this was possible thanks to the Laputeans crystal. However, in the end, the Laputeans choose to leave the city, seeing it as lifeless.