The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a giant underground complex that was once owned by Cyberbiotics. It is featured in the animated television series Gargoyles. It is currently the home of the Labyrinth Clan and a large number of homeless.


The Labyrinth housed a Cyberbiotics facility that Xanatos tricked the Manhattan Clan into storming, specifically Hudson and Bronx. Cyberbiotics presumably abandoned it after the resulting financial difficulties.

Goliath later abducted Anton Sevarius, bringing him to a lab in the Labyrinth, trying to force him to create a cure for the Mutates. Sevarius created a serum, which was really a poison. Had it been a cure, then Servarius would not has been so insistent that Talon should take it since he so confidently bragged that he could make more for the other mutates. Xanatos rescued Sevarius before any further actions could be taken. The mutates claimed the Labyrinth as their home after abandoning Castle Wyvern atop the Eyrie Building, opening it up to a peaceful anarchy for the homeless of Manhattan.

Fang took advantage of the lack of structure, trying to assert himself as the leader, forcing the homeless to give up what little belongings they had. Maggie the Cat, however, escaped and brought help in the form of Brooklyn, the unhappy leader in Goliath's absence, and the remaining members of the Manhattan clan.

After Talon reluctantly accepted responsibility for the Labyrinth, Goliath struck a deal with him, stating that they would imprison Demona there, with a gargoyle guard at night, and a mutate guard in the day. Thailog freed Demona, and revealed that he had created a clan of clones. When he and Demona were presumed dead, the clones were brought to the Labyrinth, thus forming the Labyrinth Clan.

Thailog reappeared on Halloween of 1996 to recollect the clones. Delilah was with Goliath at Castle Wyvern, so Thailog took the clones there to reclaim her. She and all but Brentwood decided to return to the Labyrinth.

At an unknown point, Fang was removed from his prison cell to join the Redemption Squad.

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