Knight's Spur

Knight's Spur

Knight's Spur is the large estate and home of the London Clan, located outside of London, England in an isolated and forested valley. It is featured in the animated television show Gargoyles.


Knight's Spur has seemingly been in possession of the London Clan for a very long time. It is unclear how it came about its name. By the late 20th century, Knight's Spur had running water, electricity, telephone service and garbage pickup. All mail, however, was routed instead to the clan's Into The Mystic shop in Soho. As of late 1996, it was home to one hundred ninety-six gargoyles and twenty-five eggs, but had no gargoyle beasts. Arthur Pendragon also took up temporary residence there in 1996 to study in the clan's library before leaving with Sir Griff to seek out Merlin. Hudson and Lexington also visited Knight's Spur for a time.

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