Jungle (Tarzan)
Jungle (Tarzan)
Background Information
Feature films Tarzan
Tarzan & Jane
Tarzan II
Television programs The Legend of Tarzan
Video games Tarzan
Tarzan: Untamed
Tarzan Action Game
Kingdom Hearts
Park attractions Tarzan's Treehouse
Other Information
Other names Deep Jungle (in Kingdom Hearts)
Location Africa
Ruler(s) Kerchak (formerly)
Tarzan (currently)
Inhabitants Tarzan, Jane Porter, Terk, Tantor, Archimedes Q. Porter, Kala, Kerchak (until his death), Sabor (until her death), Flynt and Mungo, Tublat, Nuru and Sheeta, Baby Baboon
Visitors John Clayton, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Lady Waltham
Final state Hosts Tarzan and Jane's anniversary celebration

The Jungle of Africa is the setting from Disney's 1999 animated feature Tarzan, its sequelmidquel, and television series.


In the Tarzan franchise, the jungle is the home of Tarzan, his wife Jane, and his mother Kala. It is also the habitation of Tantor and Terk and the other elephants and gorillas, as well as other creatures, such as baboons, crocodiles and leopards. Tarzan was abandoned in the jungle as a baby and raised by Kala and Kerchak's gorilla family, with Terk becoming Tarzan's closest friend. When Tarzan grew up, he met another human in the jungle named Jane Porter, who became his love interest and eventual wife. He also had to contend with two foes: Sabor, a leopard who killed Tarzan's biological parents when he was an infant, and Clayton, a poacher who intended to kill Tarzan and his gorilla family.


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