Jumptroop Dropship
Exofleet Jumptroop Dropship
Jumptroops to be deployed against Pirates on Saturn
Faction ExoFleet
Class Dropship
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Complement Jumptroops
Notable Ships
Ships None

These Jumptroops Dropships are located mostly on the Arnhem. Used through out the Neosapien war to deploy Jumptroops to different locations nether on plants, moons, space ships, or asteroids. None of the ships were given a name during the Exosquad series. Charlie Company is seen using these ships in every episode they appear in.

To deploy the platoons safely and quickly they use open pods that are dropped from the sides of the shuttle. They are light with no defense what. If shot they are normally destroyed instantly. Surprise is there best defense during a drop. The ships have a couple of weapons. They rely on other Exofleet ships to protect them as they deploy.

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