Iron Planet

Iron Planet

Bleak and barren, Iron Planet is one of many planets consumed by Unicron over the course of his never-ending quest for sustenance. It contains a surprisingly large amount of energon, and so quickly becomes a target for the Decepticons.


Energon cartoonEdit

Iron Planet was one of the first planets restored by Alpha Quintesson. Shockblast, injured from his attempt to overthrow Megatron, awoke on a region of the planet. Since Iron Planet was still undergoing the final stages of reformation, rocky spires and outcroppings frequently sprouted with great speed, driving the Decepticon to paranoia.

Shockblast was chained up by the Autobots in a conveniently O-shaped rock formation. The other Decepticons made several unsuccessful attempts to raid the planet for energon, and it was in a valley on Iron Planet that Megatron forcibly inducted Inferno into his ranks.

The planet was eventually destroyed by a brainwashed Scorponok, who had drained it of all its energon while the Autobots were occupied on Jungle Planet. The debris left by the destruction played host to Inferno's final effort to overthrow Megatron's programming and subsequent death.

The AllSpark AlmanacEdit

Iron Planet was one of the planets in Alpha Q's Realm.

Ask Vector PrimeEdit

The Beast Wars of Aurex 615.03 Epsilon took place in Alpha Q's universe. On Iron Planet, the Maximals and Predacons fought the War of the Mines; the Predacons adopted forms based on the native fungi while the Maximals chose to scan giant worms and other burrowing creatures.

Transformers: UniverseEdit

Iron Planet is one of many planets in Alpha Q's Realm in Transformers: Universe.

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