Golden Scarab Beetle
Golden Scarab Beetle
General information
Feature films Aladdin
Mickey's House of Villians
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games Aladdin
Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge
Park attractions
Background information
Other names
User(s) Jafar
Purpose To reveal the location of the Cave of Wonders
Location The Desert
Success Formed the Cave of Wonders
Powers and abilities
Final Fate Disappears into the sand just after the cave collapses.

The Golden Scarab Beetle is a magical object featured in the film Aladdin.

The scarab is made into two halves. When they are put together, they fly to the location of the Cave of Wonders. Before it reaches the cave, the scarab splits apart and buries itself in the sand. The two halves help to form the cave's eyes. After the cave disappears, the scarab is left in the sand.


Somehow Jafar was able to obtain one of the halves of the scarab. Jafar hired the thief Gazeem to acquire the other half for him.

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