Geppetto's Workshop

Geppetto's Workshop

Geppetto's Workshop is the home of GeppettoPinocchioJiminy CricketFigaro, and Cleo. It is first viewed as a simple shop of a woodcarver, but then it is revealed to be also the home of Geppetto. The shop is filled with several elaborate clocks and toys. There are also various other objects in the shop including candle holders, ceramic figures, and mugs.

Kingdom HeartsEdit

After the Monstro ordeal, he, like many other refugees, moves to Traverse Town with Pinocchio and opens up a shop in the First District after Leon helps him find a home. At this shop, he designs blueprints for Gummi Ships and gives them to Sora for free, so that Sora can use them in the war against Maleficent and the Heartless.

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