Friar Tuck's Church
Friar Tuck's Church
Background Information
Feature films Robin Hood
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Nottingham
Owner(s) Friar Tuck
Inhabitants Friar Tuck, Sexton Mouse, Little Sister
Visitors Sheriff of Nottingham
Nottingham Inhabitants
Final state Still standing

The Church of Nottingham is a church located in Nottingham. Friar Tuck is the man of the church and is assisted by Sexton Mouse and the latter's wife Little Sister. It is first seen during a rainy night, while the poor people are in jail, where Friar Tuck rings the church bell, Sexton plays music on an organ, and Little Sister sweeps up the mat, all worrying for the paupers. The Sheriff of Nottingham enters to empty the church's poor box (with the mice's last farthing) in the name of Prince John. He then arrests Friar Tuck after a fight.

The church isn't seen anymore until Robin Hood and Maid Marian get married, after which, they exit, with Skippy and Toby opening the doors for them.

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