Final Assault on the Drej
Date 2121
15 A.E.
War Second Drej War
Location Andali Nebula, Spiral Arm
Result Victory to Exofleet and Pirate Clans
Side A Drej
Side B Exofleet
Pirate Clans
Side A Drej Queen
Side B Admiral Winfield
Jonas Simbacca
Side A Drej Mothership
Side B Resolute II
Side A Preed, all Drej and their queen
Side B Half Neosapiens
Joseph Korso
None in ExoFleet-Pirate Clan Alliance

Final Assault on the Drej occurred when the Exofleet and the Pirate Clans begin the final battle with the Drej.

The Battle Edit

The battle starts as the Drej arrive and attack the Titan by destroying the ice shield protecting it, the Exofleet and the Pirate Clans suddenly appearing. Surviving Preed's bomb, Stith arrives to Cale and Akima's aid and the three work to defend the Titan from the Drej. Learning from Korso that the Drej has pure energy, Cale decides to re-configure the Titan to use the Drej energy to start the ship's reactor. He activates two of the three circuit breakers channeling the Drej energy into the Titan. Cale dons a space suit and goes outside to fix the third breaker where Gune, who also survived the bomb, uses the Valkyrie's guns to fight the Drej. As Cale reaches the breaker station, he is pinned by a Drej ship Gune shot down.

Eventually, Korso, having grabbed a cable to escape the fall and overhearing Cale's attempt to use the Drej energy to power up the reactor, arrives and uses a large laser rifle to free Cale. Aware that it may be possible to defeat the Drej after all, Korso provides cover fire for Cale to get to the faulty breaker. The forces of ExoFleet and the Pirate Clans firing at the Drej fighters. Despite Cale's efforts, the faulty breaker still cannot activate. J.T. leads his squad into the Drej mothership's core. Telling Cale to activate the reactor, Korso wedges his rifle between the gap and breakers and closes its circuit for good, losing his own life in the process. The Drej mothership fires its energy weapon, but the blast is absorbed into the main reactor of the Titan after Cale places the ring to activate it. As a result, the blast reflects back into the Drej mothership, overloading its core and J.T. destroys the main reactor with his solar pulse. Able Squad escapes before the Drej mothership explodes, killing all of the Drej and achieving a decisive victory for the ExoFleet and the Pirate Clans.

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