Eyes Rutherford

Eyes Rutherford

Eyes Rutherford is a character in Spiral The Bonds of Reasoning. He is a famous pianist, but also one of the Blade Children.


Eyes has very light hair, most likely really platinum blonde that makes it look white. His eyes are blue and he is mostly seen in black clothes. 


Eyes has a calm personality. He can be nice, he isn't the type that jumps around and acts crazy. He takes things seriously and rarely smiles. Ryoko Takamachi has said that he is like a swan. He is good at playing the piano and his is a pianist. 

Spiral The Bonds of ReasoningEdit

Eyes first appears calling for Ayumu Narumi. Once he comes to him, Eyes wants him to play the piano, he doesn't and later Ayumu is off to set off a bomb with Hiyono Yuizaki. He appears once again talking with Kousuke Asazuki.

They talk about Ayumu and the teacher. Kousuke doesn't think it's going to be easy to kill the teacher, so Eyes tells him to get help from Rio.

Kousuke tells Eyes that Rio sometimes scares him and that hes just not good being around her. Eyes comes later on, he visits Rio in the hospital. He tells her that he knows that she lost to Aymu, she, doesn't believe so. When he leaves she wishes that he would of bought her a melon.

Eyes gets stabbed by his best friend Kanone Hilbert, ho had just become a hunter. Eyes goes to the hospital and gets up not too soon later. This is when he goes with Madoka Narumi to the high school, where Kanone is having a battle with Ryoko, Rio, and Kousuke. He doesn't go inside though.

In the anime, Eyes is being targeted by a hunter, who Kousuke and Ayumu tries to help him. He still countines his piano show, instead of listening to them. Eyes, doesn't die though.

It is also reavled in the manga, that Eyes is the youngest Blade Child. He is also shown to wear glasses through out the rest of the volumes since from 13. In the end of the manga, Eyes cuts his hair and still plays the piano.

Important InformationEdit

  • Eyes is the youngest Blade Child
  • He was once targeted from a hunter
  • He has the same voice as Shigure from Fruits Basket, and many other voices from Case Closed
  • Eyes is the most serious out of the characters
  • Kanone and Eyes used to be really close best friends when they was younger

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