The ExoCruiser
Faction ExoFleet
Class Exocruiser
Weapons and Defense
Laser Cannons
Ships and Crew
Notable Ships


The ExoCruiser had the heaviest possible armor and armament that could be put on a fast ship though they proved vulnerable in engagements with the enemy battle line. Most ExoCruisers were armed with laser cannons with later models acquiring cloaking technology from the Pirate Clans after the ExoFleet – Pirate Clans Alliance.

ExoCruisers served as scouts and convoy escorts against raids from the Pirate Clans prior to the Pirate Clans War.Exocarriers were regarded as an important supporting element for the battle line; by the time the Neosapien War began, they effectively were the battle line. This changed the role of the ExoCruiser by turning them into screening vessels for the ExoCarriers in the Task Force.

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