The planet Eladard

Eladard is a planet in the Lylat System. Its surface was littered with many factories, all once used by the forces of Venom led by Andross during his unexpected resurgence. As a result, its atmosphere was horribly polluted and little could live there.


Nintendo WorldEdit

Eladard makes its appearance in Nintendo World. It is the fourth stage relocating Sector Z to the fifth stage in the red line in Star Fox Zero.

This stage on Eladard has two halves: first half will be at the actual surface of the planet similar to Corneria and Venom and second half is some sort of industrial highway or elevated road similar to Venom's Highway. Like Space Armada and Fortuna, Eladard had two checkpoints. The planet was free of pollution after shutting down a device causing pollution. The boss on Eladard is Galactic Rider.

Mission 4. Eladard - Occupied Planet; Covert OpsEdit


  • After the initial cancellation of Star Fox 2, it is possible that Eladard's characteristics were given to Zoness and/or Macbeth. The necessity to destroy a barrier to gain access to the base was the likely inspiration for Bolse as well.
  • In Nintendo World, Venom's Highway is reused as Eladard's Highway since Venom Level 2 was taken out.


  • EGM, who covered the "WCES 95 beta" on March 1995, listed the planet as Eledard. It is possible that it was under a different name at some point in development, or was going to be renamed before cancellation.
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