Edith Zuckerman

Edith Zuckerman

Edith is the wife of Homer Zuckerman and aunt of Fern and Avery, She is very loving especially when Avery's frog jumped into her pie. She is happy about having a famous pig. Mrs. Zuckerman's grandmother bathed her pig in buttermilk so Mrs. Zuckerman bathed Wilbur in buttermilk. Edith is very pleased when Wilbur got a medal at the fair

1973 MovieEdit

Edith Zuckerman is a blonde woman who is first seen when Mr. Zuckerman rushes out to see what Lurvy was hollering about. Before the fair she bathes Wilbur in buttermilk. At the fair she is worried about her hair.

2006 MovieEdit

In the 2006 version she is seen as a brown haired woman. She first witnesses Wilbur escape later she sees the spider web's words. Like the cartoon she bathes Wilbur in buttermilk and goes to the fair.

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