Earth Resistance
Earth resistance
Earth Resistance
Affiliation Homeworlds
Jurisdiction Earth
Type Infantry
Flagship None
Chicago: Sean Napier
Australia: Nick Tyree
Jet Packs
Phaeton City
Notable Units
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.


The Earth Resistance was a resistance movement that sabotaged Neosapien installations on Earth. The resistence was created by people who refused to obey Phaeton's orders and had abandoned hope of being rescued by Exofleet.


Although the greater concentration of Neosapien forces made it difficult to operate, they were able to achieve more success than the Venus Resistance. The reason for this success was that the Earth cells had more access to targets, supply areas, and the Neosapiens could not use the same scorched earth tactics used on Venus. Earth's population was too large to risk a world wide insurrection. Instead, the Neosapiens relied on infiltrating the cells and the heavy use of propaganda, such as The Amanda Show, to control the population. During the Fourth Battle of Earth; the resistance attacked bases, stole Neosapien Hovertanks, and fought theBattle of Battle Creek. This divided the Neosapien ground forces and allowed Exofleet to concentrate their strength.


Although they were able to achieve more success, they also suffered from more internal divisions. Conflicts between cells and Exofleet meant compromises had to be made concerning mission objectives and the chain of command. The worst incident was when Nick Tyree began the Battle of Australia, which devastated the Australian cell.


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