Earth Fleet
Earth Fleet
Earth Fleet
Affiliation Neosapien Commonwealth
Jurisdiction Earth
Type Fleet
Flagship Unknown
Notable Units
Neosapien War: 2119-2121 A.D.

The Earth Fleet was one of the three main fleets of the Neosapien Commonwealth.


In "The Brood" it was commanded by Typhonus. During the Second Battle of Earth and Third Battle of Earth it inflicted severe damage on Exofleet.

Part of this fleet was sent to Venus after the Venus Fleet was decimated in "Sabotage", during the Second Battle of Venus, by the GRAF Shield.

The Earth fleet was sent to locate and destroy Exofleet after they had retreated to the Outer Planets. The fleet suffered losses during the Blockade of Io and the Battle of Sinope.

In "The Price of Courage" the remainder of the fleet is sent on a suicide mission. While some ships escape, the majority of the capital ships are destroyed in the Fourth Battle of Venus.

In Titan A.E., the remainder of the fleet is assaulted by the Drej at the start of the Second Drej War.


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