E-Frame Dropship
E-Frame Dropship
The E-Frame Dropship
Faction ExoFleet
Class Dropship
Weapons and Defense
Ships and Crew
Complement One E-frame Squad
Notable Ships
Ships None


The E-Frame Dropship, or Troop Carrier, are ships that typically possess long range capability, designed only to work in conjunction with shorter range E-Frames that are not equipped for deep space travel. They are used mainly for long range covert E-frame operations. They are also capable of deploying E-Frames and equipment while maintaining supporting fire.

Though they remained in service throughout the Second Neosapien War, they were phased out by a new class of Light Exocarriers, such as the Arnhem, that were faster and carried a complement almost that of a Fleet Exocarrier. The last significant mission assigned to an E-Frame Dropship, piloted by Lt. Sutton, was the suicide mission Able Squad was sent on to destroy a suspected weapons complex on Mars by Captain Marcus.

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