Death Egg II

The Death Egg II

The Death Egg II is Dr. Eggman's base in Sonic the Fighters.


Quite dissimilar in design to the original Death Egg deployed in Sonic 2, this battle station has six colorful subsidiary globes connected to the central sphere, as well as an assortment of arm-like apparatus attached.


In order to decide who will pilot Tails' single-seater rocket (the Lunar Fox) up to the Death Egg II, the heroes hold a fighting competition, which gives the first eight levels of Sonic the Fighters. The player character then blasts up to the space fortress, where the two final battle arenas are set:

When Eggman is defeated, the Lunar Fox departs, and the Death Egg II is shown exploding into tiny pieces.

Nintendo WorldEdit

The Death Egg II appears in Nintendo World. It is part of the Space Stage above Mobius in the Sol System. The Death Egg II also appears in the Death Egg Saga: Episode II.


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