The planet Calmwind

Calmwind, alternatively Wind of the Calm Star (かぜのなぎほし, Kaze no Nagihoshi), is a planet which is the venue for the Nebula Cup.


Constellations and features of Calmwind's night sky include the Tuna Fish (マグロ座, Maguroza) and the Purple Star (紫星, Murasakiboshi) which, when a line is extended between them, lead north.


From space, the planet appears largely green with patches of yellow and blue. Its atmosphere outlines the planet, appearing a yellow-green colour from space, though blue from within


Calmwind has an atmosphere that is breathable to humans. Perhaps contrary to its name, certain regions in the atmosphere display very strong and sporadic wind currents, aggravated by solar flares, accompanied by auroras. A large part of the planet is covered by water.


The planet has been the venue for the dinghy racing tournament, the Nebula Cup, during the 19 years that it has been run.

Nebula Cup ArcEdit

During the 19th Nebula Cup, solar activity from Calmwind's sun aggravated the wind currents in Calmwind's atmosphere.

Treasure PlanetEdit

Calmwind is only seen on the Map of Treasure Planet and in The Portal on Treasure Planet.


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