Brainiac's Base

Brainiac's Base aka Brainiac's asteroid

Brainiac's Base, also known as Brainiac's asteroid is a gigantic hollowed out asteroid in outer space that is the lair of Brainiac which explains the entire rock formation of the object was craved like his face to resemble his image. It first appeared in the 2-part episode "Twilight" of Justice League and reappeared the last time in the episode "Alive!" of Justice League Unlimited.

Operating across the known universe, Brainiac kept several ships and facilities active and logged onto its network. Near Apokolips and New Genesis, Brainiac hollowed out a meteor in his likeness and outfitted it as a base of operations. Equipped with a landing pad, the base is much like any design, it is a giant repository for data it steals. Banners of destroyed worlds litter the facility. The central core dispatches Brainiac drones to various sectors.

In an effort to evolve, Brainiac agreed to a deal with Darkseid. In exchange for Superman, Brainiac would spare Apokolips. Darkseid has a hidden agenda and over rode Brainiac's control circuits. With Brainiac under his influence, Darkseid would create his own solution to the Anti-Life Equation. The Justice League and Orion intervened. In the battle, Batman created a critical system failure. The League managed to escape as the base went into critical mass and exploded. Darkseid perished in this. Debris of the base littered the space it formerly occupied.

Over a year later, the Legion of Doom arrived and collected part of the debris in order to reconstitute Brainiac. Instead, Darkseid was resurrected and he destroyed the Citadel of Doom.

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