Blizzard Planet

Blizzard Planet

Blizzard Planet apparently has blizzards.


Energon cartoonEdit

After assuming control of Unicron, Shockblast was driven crazy by the power, and went on a mindless rampage, causing him to crash on Blizzard Planet. Optimus Prime engaged in combat with Shockblast, attempting to reach out to him. Some sense was talked into Shockblast, Unicron brought down one of his arms on the planet's surface and crushed the Decepticon.

Then Unicron ate it.

The AllSpark AlmanacEdit

Iron Planet was one of the organic planets in Alpha Q's Realm.

Ask Vector PrimeEdit

The Beast Wars of Aurex 615.03 Epsilon took place in Alpha Q's universe. On Blizzard Planet, Maximals and Predacons waged the Ice Age War, where both sides assumed beast modes based on the native megafauna.

Transformers: UniverseEdit

Blizzard Planet was one of the organic planets in Alpha Q's Realm in Transformers: Universe.

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