Baker Squad

ExoSquad Flight Two: Baker Squad

ExoSquad Flight Two: Baker Squad was one of several E-frame units in the Exofleet and was assigned to the heavy exocarrier Resolute. Baker Squad was already on active duty and serving a deployment in 2119 A.D. when the Homeworld Congress declared war on the Pirate Clans of Saturn. The Pirate Clans War was in response to Jonas Simbacca's Pirate Clan pillaging a civilian ore freighter, the Danube, which resulted in the death of one of its two crew members. The Resolute responded to the distress call from the Danube and launched a Boarding Party, led by Able Squad, to investigate the Danube wreckage. As a precautionary measure, Baker Squad and all other E-Frame Flight Groups, were to be held in reserve in case of a Pirate Ambush. In addition to the death of the Danube's crew member, an entire ExoFleet Work Crew was killed when a booby trap left by the Pirates was accidentally triggered.

Baker Squad served in all engagements in the Pirate Clan War including the Asteroid Belt Ambush and the Assault on Enceladus. In the first engagement of the brief conflict, the ExoFleet was ambushed by the entire Pirate Fleet using their Cloaking Devices to give them an advantage over the more powerful yet slow maneuvering ExoFleet. Although their surprise was absolute, the ExoFleet was able to fight off hordes of Pirate Fighters and battle their way out of the ambush.

The Pirate Clan War abruptly ended when the Neosapien Commonwealth surprise attacked and conquered the Homeworlds, violating their disarmament treaty they signed after the Neosapien Rebellion of 2069 A.D. In response, the ExoFleet turned its full attention to freeing the Homeworlds from Neosapien oppression. Baker Squad, along with Charlie Squad, was completely lost in the Exofleet’s first engagement of the Second Neosapien War in attempt to liberate the Homeworlds. In a daring attack orchestrated by J.T. Marsh; Able, Baker and Charlie Squadrons charged the NeoSapien Flagship to enable the ExoFleet to retreat. Three E-Frames were lost between Baker and Charlie Squads in the attack on the NeoSapien Flagship bridge alone. In addition, with the ExoFleet well into their retreat, Able, Baker and Charlie squadrons fled to Earth to escape the Neosapien fleet. With help of the resistance, Able Squad was able to return to the ExoFleet. Those seven remaining members of Baker and Charlie Squadrons who fled to Earth are still M.I.A.

Baker Squad served in all engagements in the Second Neosapien War including the First Assault on Earth, the GRAF Shield Sabotage, the Second Assault on Earth, the Io Blockade, the Diversion of Ceres, the Assault on Mercury, the Liberation of Venus and the Liberation of Earth. Baker Squadron received notoriety in 2121 A.D., then led by Lt.Cmdr. Kozeri, when it served along side Able Squad in a Long Term Reconnaissance Mission for finding a new massive underground Neosapien Weapons Complex on Mars. The ExoFleet Spy Marduk, who had gone missing after handing over information on this Weapons Complex to ExoFleet, contacted the ExoFleet and asked to be picked up at the Falls of Eris on Mars. The plan to retrieve Marduck was a trap and Able and Baker Squads were ambushed. Baker Squad lost four of its members in the attack. The supposed weapons complex turned out to be an Alien Built Structure that was unknown to ExoFleet or the Neosapiens. The rest of Baker Squad was lost fighting the Neosapiens, led by General Typhonus and his Neo MegaExial, within the actual structure. Members of the Baker Squad are revived by the cloning technology.

Squad MembersEdit

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